Thanks to the implementation of the Program PEP® Worldwide Ukraine Personal efficiency of the team, our customers were able to significantly improve their efficiency and effectiveness. A new approach has allowed them not only to increase revenues and reduce costs, but to improve the atmosphere within the company.


PEP® program for more than 20 years, has been used successfully in many well-known companies around the world, and this experience is integrated into everyday work processes of organizations today can confidently and knowledgeably speak about the following results of the implementation of the program and the benefits for both organizations and for individual participants.

Benefits for the organization

  • Improving the quality of the staff and the department as a whole – the effect of “animation”.
  • Reduced costs and overtime.
  • Most customer satisfaction.
  • Increased employee motivation.

Benefits for participants:

  • at least one additional hour per day;
  • full control over their own working process;
  • timely execution of tasks;
  • the ability to plan their own future;
  • work brings joy, relieves stress.

More than 20 years of success!

Daniel Markstedt

Daniel Markstedt

Sales Director, Avis Ukraine

I would recommend Personal Efficiency Program from PEP® Worldwide Ukraine as a very practical and result-oriented course for the increasing efficiency and effectiveness of the personnel.
Игорь Гордиенко

Игорь Гордиенко

Председатель правления, АСК “ИНГО-УКРАИНА”

Program Personal Efficiency Program®, of course, will be useful for any company, in front of which there is a dilemma: the expansion of the state, or more effective operation of existing staff.


If you want to improve your business efficiency, customer satisfaction and employee motivation – order the consultation, and we will find the best learning option for you and your employees PEP® program.